Landscape Capital Management, LLC is an investment management firm that seeks to generate untapped sources of alpha through a variety of diverse sources, from behavioral market anomalies, to arbitrage-type strategies, to the analysis of alternative data sets.
Non-traditional Thinking

We are a team whose members all share the one unifying trait of coming into finance from non-traditional backgrounds. [more]

Intellectual Rigor

At all stages of the research process, from initial idea generation to the final backtest, we try our hardest to prove ourselves wrong. [more]


We believe that the power of many minds working together across verticals can result in more innovation, increased stability, and greater accountability.[more]


While we keep our secret sauce close to the chest, we strive at every level of conversation to be as transparent as possible in order to help our investors gain clarity and understanding of our approach. [more]


We have been around since 2006 and love what we do. We hope to do it for a long time to come, and that desire is built into decision-making around all aspects of the business. [more]

Get To Know Us

Landscape’s team leverages a diverse range of skills ranging from engineering to advantage gaming to machine learning. We believe that the best ideas flourish in collaborative, creative atmospheres.

Our Team